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Anna is a Scottish artist and designer, born and raised in Edinburgh and now lives in Miami, Florida, USA. Anna has been passionate about art from a very early age and has continued to pursue art with vigour, both as an artist and an active admirer of the arts. She has a versatile portfolio, working with mixed media, sculpture, textiles, but is known for her abstract paintings. She has recently moved into fashion and is bringing art to life with her collection of "Anna Weiss Wearable Art" which is a collection of hand painted or graphic prints of her own abstract paintings on a variety of clothes. For more information about her fashion line please visit the page "wearable art shop" and the "Weiss dapiaggi Show".
 Anna's art has been influenced by her travels and residence around the world, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and America. Anna has lived in Edinburgh, Bristol, London, Oxford, Poitiers (France), Florence (Italy),  Miami and Chicago. She is largely self taught but has attended Edinburgh College or Art, Oxford Radcliffe School of Art, Accademia Italiana in Florence and various studios in London. One strong theme persists across all media, and that is her use of strong colour and the interplay with form. Anna believes that art should express the soul and that each painting will have a different meaning to each viewer. She loves the process of the artwork and often lets the painting guide her rather than having a set idea in mind. 


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