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Phoenix Rising from the fire (framed) SOLD

Dancing Spirits (framed $695)

Universe (framed $795)

Firedance (framed) $250

Underwater  (framed) $250

Purple Rain (framed) $250

Three Seasons of Chicago $500

Abstract Tryptic $600

Forest of Dreams $750

Three Trees $750

Can't see the Wood for the Trees $ 750

Nature $250

Hummingbird $250

Ode to Miami SOLD
Spontaneity $550 (framed)
Enigma $550 (framed)

Kinetic $550 (framed)

Synapses $550 (framed)
Divine Blessing SOLD

Prism $550 (framed)

Hidden Path $500 

Jazz and Blues $550

Beneath the Earth $500

Intertwined $500

Flow $500

Eye of the Storm $750

Freedom Flows $750

Sun City  $1,000

Independent Pulse SOLD

Organic Universe  $1,000 (mounted on wooden frame)

The Space Between $1,000 (mounted on wooden frame)

Mystical Universe  $1,250

Fauve Fiesta $1,400 (mounted on wooden frame)
​Journey from the Soul    $1,500 (mounted on wooden frame)

From the Heart  $1,500 (mounted on wooden frame)

Complexities SOLD

Multi-Dimensional World $ 2,500

Alternative Universe   SOLD

Evolution   $3,500

Kaleidoscopic Dance $3,000 (mounted on wooden frame)

Woven $300 (mounted on wooden frame)

Ethereal $300 (mounted on wooden frame)

Bouquet of Flowers $300 (mounted on wooden frame)

Pure Abstraction $150 (mounted on wooden frame)

Enchanted Forest $150 (mounted on wooden frame)

Vibrating Flame $150 (mounted on wooden frame)

Colour Vibration $750 (mounted on wooden frame)

The Magic City $1000

Moving Parts $500

Motion SOLD

In the Pink SOLD

Take Flight SOLD

Prices are reflective of the size of the Canvas. All works come  stretched. Some works are already mounted on a wooden frame or in a frame, see above for details. Others are currently just the canvas and can be rolled and shipped. Shipping will depend on the size of the work and the destination but can be arranged at cost. Tax not included, paintings taxed if purchased in Florida.


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