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They say an artist wears their heart on their sleeve by projecting their inner selves into their artwork for everyone to see. However, you do not have to be a painter to express yourself. We can all be artists in the way we present ourselves and nothing says it more than the clothes we wear; we all need to reach into our wardrobe and pull out something unique.


The goal behind a wearable art collection was to enable this and bring art to life in a fun, affordable and accessible way, the launch of the collection being made by way of a fashion show during Art Basel, the most celebrated art week of the year. Together we became a traveling living breathing art gallery.


This is Anna's inaugural clothing collection entitled “The Phoenix Rising from the Fire.” All the wearable art at this fashion show was created in Miami. This city has given Anna a new confidence and energy and unlocked a new passion for abstract art. Anna was influenced by the eternal sunshine, the diverse culture and the vibrant colors and personality of the city and the people she met. She lives a very structured life as a lawyer for the most part and so instead of planning her paintings, she puts aside her knowledge and instead choses to live in the moment and let the painting take a life of its own. Painting is her escapism, often painting with her fingers, a wedge or splattering paint at the canvas, she believe the painting directed her and has a life of its own.


The idea of a fashion show  during Art Basel became a reality when she was introduced to Gustavo Dapiaggi of  Dapiaggi Jeans to collaborate on the #Weissdapiaggishow.  The signature of the show is the Phoenix, which has been integrated into their collection of jeans, jacket and ponchos. Anna also hand painted all the “Dapiaggi alpargatas” and further designs can be custom-made.


The collection also includes hand painted ties, leggings, shirts, totes, scarves, dresses and a new signature piece we have called the “Short Chiton” which is reinventing the Greek garment with a modern twist as it has been designed to be worn as a jacket, beach throw or gown, depending on the occasion.


Anna's hope is that in her collection of wearable art you will find something that makes you happy or brings joy to you or someone you love the way that painting does for her.

The Wearable Art Collection Story

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